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Chasing Justice: Matt Royal    by H. Terrell Griffin order for
Chasing Justice
by H. Terrell Griffin
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

H. Terrell Griffin writes really good reading. When I got my hands on Chasing Justice by H. Terrell Griffin I knew I was in for possibly the read of the summer.

Retired and with the newly acquired title of beach bum, Matt Royal agrees to leave the beach in Florida's Longboat Key to defend Abby Lester (the wife of the police chief), who has been accused of murder! He is accompanied by the girl of his dreams, Detective Jennifer Diane Duncan (better known as J.D.) when she has time away from her own murder case.

The plot leading up to Abby's trial is loaded with suspense as witnesses seem to disappear into the woodwork. The jibes of the prosecuting attorney, who has a record of 22 wins and no losses, makes Matt even more determined to win Abby's acquittal. Matt finds that many of the people enmeshed in this case are high muckety-mucks of Longboat Key who are reluctant to respond to the questions he must have answered if he is to win Abby's freedom.

The segments of this excellent novel involving the trial are pure gold. Made me almost wish I had gone into law back in my very-much younger days. Terrell explains so much about the law as it relates to Abby's future. He does it in such a way that a lay person can understand the finer points; yet his explanations don't slow down the momentum of the court proceedings.

Matt's character and his exploits have been compared to the famous books by John D. MacDonald, and his protagonist Travis Magee. Mother always said that comparisons are odious. But, I must say, as a fan of Travis, that it's nice to have Matt take Travis's place on a Florida beach. Matt is a very likeable character, one who wants to live the life he has earned but is willing to throw over the beach bum title to help a friend.

J.D., Matt's girlfriend, is a good match for Matt and she for him. They are definitely enamored of each other but are not ready to tie any knots. They respect each other's space. By now, you are sure I loved, loved this novel. Chasing Justice is a must-read.

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