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In Big Trouble: A Tess Monaghan Novel    by Laura Lippman order for
In Big Trouble
by Laura Lippman
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2012 (1999)
Paperback, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

As always, Laura Lippman provides readers with another really good read with In Big Trouble. Tess Monaghan is a private investigator as she was when she broke it off with her then boyfriend Crow. Thinking she would never see him again, she was not happy to receive a strange newspaper clipping announcing that he was in big trouble in Austin, Texas. And a girl was involved not surprising, knowing Crow.

Not feeling obligated to seek him out and clear up his problem, she, nevertheless, heads for Austin. Finding him isn't that difficult, as he belongs to an emerging band, the girl in question being a singer with the band. Tess can tell at a glance that there is something off about this 'blue-eyed stunner'.

Fighting her instinct to help Crow out of what trouble might be facing him, she decides to drive back home. But she feels he is in danger. She just doesn't know why. What can she do to help if she doesn't know the problem? A corpse suddenly puts in an appearance and Crow might be targeted by the police as the perp.

In Big Trouble joins Lippman's long list of stellar titles. Her characters always feel true to life. Her plots might not be quite what your life is like, but they are tightly written and full of suspense. It's easy to lose oneself in each and every book she has written. I surely enjoyed this one.

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