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Sam & Dave Dig A Hole    by Marc Barnett & Jon Klassen order for
Sam & Dave Dig A Hole
by Marc Barnett
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2014 (2014)
*   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Sam and Dave, with their shovels in hand, are on a mission. They are going to dig a hole until they discover something spectacular. They dig down and down and down. No luck!

The two boys take a break and then dig sideways. No luck! They dig in different directions! Still no luck! So, they continue digging downward.

But eventually they get tired so they stop for a nap. Then something odd happens. They seem to be falling in space and after a few pages of free-fall, the boys are back in their backyard. WHAT HAPPENED HERE? Good question!

You'll have to figure the answer out for yourself. Although I liked how this book started, the ending left me cold. I DID NOT DIG IT! If you have to try to explain to a four or five year old what happened here this book will quickly lose its charm. I think the author dug himself in a hole here and didn't know how to get out! So be it! This picture book gets a thumbs down.

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