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Climate Change: Basher Science    by Dan Green order for
Climate Change
by Dan Green
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, Softcover
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Very helpful in interesting youngsters in science, the Basher series of books combines cartoon illustrations with information about the topic being focused upon. In this instance it is climate change.

Divided into sections such as Trackers 'n' Modelers, Blue Sky Busters and Ocean Waves, the text is presented in first person. For example, the Remote Sensing Satellite page character informs the reader, 'Sometimes you need a little distance to see things more clearly, and that's where I come in. An all-seeing eye in the sky, I monitor the weather and land surface from on high.'

Along with the narrative, at the bottom of the page you'll find a smattering of facts, such as that the first weather satellite was launched in 1960 and it takes about 100 minutes for a weather satellite to orbit the earth on the polar orbit.

The book also includes a helpful glossary plus a poster. Teachers and parents will want to use this book to introduce the topic of climate change in a manner that will give the youngster some cursory information and hopefully pique his/her curiosity so that more detailed study can follow.

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