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The Gone Dead Train    by Lisa Turner order for
Gone Dead Train
by Lisa Turner
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2014 (2014)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Lisa Turner, author of A Little Death in Dixie, returns with another very good read The Gone Dead Train. Sergeant Detective Billy Able returns to Memphis where he feels very much at home. He had taken a leave of absence to follow his girlfriend to Atlanta, figuring they would return to Memphis together. She had other ideas. So Billy is now sitting on his favorite bar stool at Ernestine and Hazel's trying to adjust to being alone again.

Billy lives on a barge on the river, having bought it some time ago. Another decision: does he go back to his old job or look for something new? Memphis is known for its blues music so when two old-time blues musicians die under suspicious circumstances, Billy can't help but wonder why. It looks to him like Santeria, also known as Voodoo, is somehow responsible.

This is where Frankie Malone, a cop who operates by the rule book, enters Billy's life. A Santerian priest, a voodoo curse, and an old, old photograph could answer some questions about the two men's deaths. But not before both Billy and Frankie find themselves so tangled in the past that Billy's very life is at stake.

I found the window into voodoo fascinating so well researched. References to the blues and its performers brought a smile to my lips. And I appreciated the thought of how the past can reach up and bite us in the you-know-where if disregarded. This good book is well worth the read.

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