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Moonbear's Sunrise    by Frank Asch order for
Moonbear's Sunrise
by Frank Asch
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here's another in the delightful Moonbear series of picture books for children three and older. Lttle Bear loves watching the moon come up at night with his friend Little Bird. One night Little Bird says, 'Moonrise reminds me of sunrise. That's beautiful too!'

Little Bear realizes that he has never seen a sunrise because he always sleeps in each morning. Now determined to see a sunrise, Little Bear buys an alarm clock to wake him up. One ringing clock doesn't do it nor do two clocks. In fact, Little Bear tries a whole shelf of clocks, but the noise doesn't wake the sleeping bear.

Next he asks his friend to awaken him. Little Bird tries everything he can, but Little Bear just won't wake up. Then Little Bird comes up with an idea. He insists that the morning sleepyhead gets to bed earlier. 'But I'm not tired,' complains Bear.

Little Bird marches Little Bear to bed and he falls asleep. Sure enough, Little Bear is up earlier and sees the sun just rising over the mountains. 'Oh my! How beautiful!', exclaims the bear.

If your child doesn't like going to bed, this might be a fun book to convince him/her that going to bed early means he/she will wake up earlier and see some really interesting things. (Of course, that also means you'll be getting up early too! Hmmm, perhaps you better rethink this idea!)

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