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Volcanoes: My First Discoveries    by Gallimard Jeunesse, Sylvaine Peyrols & et al order for
by Gallimard Jeunesse
Order:  USA  Can
Moonlight, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

The transparent pages used in this book (illustrated by Sylvaine Peyrols, Christian Broutin and Sabiel Moignot) help explain the inner workings of volcanoes. The guide first looks inside the Earth and explains that magma is the core substance that finds its way to the surface to create volcanoes. The hot molten rock erupts by finding its way up past where the Earth's plates meet.

On one of the book's pages you'll discover the outside of a volcano complete with the cone, crater, plume and lava flow. Flip the transparent part over and now the reader is gazing into that same volcano's interior and can see the pocket of magma and how it separates and floes upwards.

Other sections of this fascinating little book show the ways volcanoes erupt; different profiles of volcanoes from Mount Saint Helen to Krakatoa; and the various types of craters.

The aftermath of an eruption and how the land recovers are also discussed, as are some of the mineral contents of volcanic rock. Finally, there's information on the people who study volcanoes and some of the instruments they use.

If you are looking for a basic introduction to volcanoes, this well designed book will more than pique the young reader's curiosity and spur the child to do further research into this interesting area of science.

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