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American Tropic    by Thomas Sanchez order for
American Tropic
by Thomas Sanchez
Order:  USA  Can
Vintage, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton

Bizango Returns ...

Fun awaits tourists and locals alike who visit Key West, the nation's southernmost location. The usual zany characters walk the streets including hustlers, burnouts, drag queens, and developers. What's the matter with developers? It seems some specialize in destroying delicate eco system that cannot be replaced. To the rescue comes Bizango, a devil-clone who takes them out one by one permanently.

This devil creature also dislikes fishermen who kill off sensitive protected marine life. Even the cute miniature deer in the northern part of the keys fall victim to the careless and insensitive. Bizango uses a nifty spear gun and a big red 'X.' Law enforcement is stumped until Noah, a disbarred lawyer with a nasty rum issue figures it out by getting Bizango to call in to his offshore radio station and 'Show me the rage.'

Read for the local color and descriptions. Read for this author's character rants at the disappearing protected species and underlying eco system. Fast moving, the novel is sometimes too crisp to the point that it reads like stage directions. 'She exits.' 'She nods hello ...' are two examples. Read as entertainment, not great literature.

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