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Children of the Revolution    by Peter Robinson order for
Children of the Revolution
by Peter Robinson
Order:  USA  Can
McClelland & Stewart, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Children of the Revolution is the 21st (following Watching the Dark) in Peter Robinson's popular series starring DCI Alan Banks. He and his team are called to investigate the death of a man, whose body is found (by a dog walker) on a disused railway track in a remote North Yorkshire ravine. Suicide or murder? And why was he carrying five thousand pounds in his pocket?

The corpse is soon identified as that of disgraced Professor Gavin Miller, who taught at Eastvale College until two of his female students complained of sexual misconduct. Dismissed despite his denials, he was in desperate financial straits. So where did the money come from? And why did he seem to be expecting more? Acquaintances mentioned 'he was thinking of opening a specialist vinyl record shop.'

When Banks learns that Miller called the beautiful Lady Veronica 'Ronnie' Chalmers the week before, he interviews her. Research reveals that Lady Chalmers was a rebellious teen who attended the University of Essex, where she was 'a left-wing firebrand'. Her husband is a well known theatrical producer with very influential friends and her nephew is expected to be the next Home Secretary. Ronnie tells him the call was about an alumni donation. Banks thinks she's lying but why?

When Bank interviews Lady Chalmers again, her brother-in-law and family solicitor are present - what does she have to hide? Soon the pressure is on Banks - his bosses tell him to lay off. Area Commander Catherine Gervaise had recently suggested that promotion to chief superintendent might be in the works. But of course he puts this at risk by quietly pursuing this part of the investigation.

DI Annie Cabbot (shot in Bad Boy) and DS Winsome Jackman pursue other leads and learn that Miller was innocent of sexual misconduct, that the girls lied, and that Miller had threatened to expose a friend of theirs, a drug dealer - is that why he died?

As the investigation proceeds, many secrets are uncovered, not all of them relevant. Our hero does finally work out the truth and confront the killer. No arrests are made, but justice is served - and the episode ends on a romantic high for Alan Banks. I always enjoy spending time in his world and Children of the Revolution is a solid police procedural, well worth any mystery reader's time.

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