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Mom Goes to War    by Irene Aparici Martin & Monica Carretero order for
Mom Goes to War
by Irene Aparici Martin
Order:  USA  Can
Cuento de Luz, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Dealing with breast cancer is difficult for the woman diagnosed with it, but the situation can be doubly trying if the woman has a young family. This picture book will assist parents trying to explain breast cancer through the use of an allegorical tale of a queen at battle.

The queen in this tale explains to her two sons the changes coming to the kingdom, such as the recruitment of a very special general who will lead the war effort, the acquisition of highly advanced weapons that target rebel forces and the calling of allies (red and white blood cells) who will police the kingdom and fight the numerous battles in the queen's name.

The queen also explains how innocent lives might be lost, such as the cells that make her hair grow, but that the war is one that can be won. Although she might become very tired as the struggle continues, the queen also assures the boys that once the war is over her kingdom will be able to rebuild and more forward into a bright future with the princes by her side.

The author writes from firsthand experience; she is a breast cancer survivor. This explains why so much of the queen's dialogue has the ring of authenticity and is so heartfelt.

'You need to know that even though I have to fight on the battlefront, I will still be in control of the kingdom, and everything will be as normal as possible. We have a lot of friends and allies who will be by our side, cheering on our troops, and making sure I'm in good spirits. And, although at times I'll have to be with the soldiers because I'm the queen, remember that above everything else I am your mother, and I love you dearly.'

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