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No Other Story    by Dr. Cuthbert Soup & Jeffrey Stewart Timmins order for
No Other Story
by Dr. Cuthbert Soup
Order:  USA  Can
Bloomsbury, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

The Cheesemans - Ethan and Olivia, and their children, Chip Krypton, Penny Nickelton, and Teddy Roosevelt - are no ordinary family. To begin with, the children are using an alias. Chip is really Jason, Penny is, in reality, Catherine, and little Teddy is actually Simon, who is also a grandfather! Are you confused yet?

Together the children, along with their father, are trying to save Olivia, who has already been killed by coffee. How, you ask? By traveling back in time in their LVR-ZX time machine to prevent Olivia from drinking the killer brew, of course! Joining the family in their journey to save Olivia is the hairless family dog, Pinky, and Gravy Faced Roy, a snarky, gravy stained, sock puppet attached to Teddy (or Simon if you prefer).

Along the way the Cheesemans face problem after problem, calamity after calamity. The LVR-ZX dumps them in Sometimes, a land that defies explanation. There they must deal with everything from a cranky T. Rex named Trixie, who is in need of some serious dental work, and a caveman family with a good sense of humor to Steve, another sock puppet and Gravy Faced Roy's nemesis. With constantly bickering sock puppets, grunting good humored relatives, and a cranky dinosaur with bad teeth and even worse breath, plus a broken time machine, how will the Cheesemans save Olivia?

Author Dr. Cuthbert Soup, bearing an uncanny resemblance to writer Gerry Swallow, even makes an appearance in the story and lends a helping hand to his old college chum, Ethan. Dr. Soup even offers various helpful tips to readers throughout the story, such as, 'carrots are good for your eyes, but not if you apply them directly.' If only I had been given this sound advice earlier!

For an uproariously funny, LOL story, that features occasional illustrations, pick up this lengthy chapter book which is suitable for middle school age youngsters.

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