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Raven Flight: A Shadowfell Novel    by Juliet Marillier order for
Raven Flight
by Juliet Marillier
Order:  USA  Can
Knopf, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Raven Flight is the second of Juliet Marillier's outstanding Shadowfell trilogy. The first introduced fifteen-year-old Neryn and her father, on the run from the King Keldec's enforcers. They cull anyone suspected of using magic. Neryn is a rare Caller, who can see the fey, and the enforcers were searching for her.

When her father was killed, a mysterious, hooded man rescued Neryn and helped her make her way to the rebels' base of Shadowfell. She was also aided by fey friends Sage and Red Cap. Neryn was never really sure she could trust Flint, but was attracted to him. She eventually learned that, though he was close to the king and one of his best enthrallers, Flint worked as a double agent for the rebels, led by charismatic Regan.

As Raven Flight opens, Neryn trains hard in Shadowfell. She regains her strength and wins the respect of warrior maiden Tali. Neryn knows that she must soon make hard journeys to find three Guardians, the Lord of the North, the Hag of the Isles and the White Lady - she has already been tested by the Master of Shadows. She needs the training that each of these Guardians can give her in order to properly work for the rebellion. Neryn struggles with the fact that many of the fey folk she must Call to aid the rebels are bound to die.

Complicating matters, a key ally issues an ultimatum regarding timing of the rebellion. It becomes a race against time for Neryn to complete her quests and develop her talent fully. Tali (normally Regan's guard) travels with her. They reach the Hag of the Isles. Once Neryn recovers from her harsh test, they head north. Disaster strikes en route to the midsummer Gathering, where Flint, Neryn and Tali are sorely tested. Neryn and Tali do reach the Lord of the North, but hear terrible news on their return to Shadowfell.

As this second episode ends, the rebellion is on the brink of failure, Flint is at great risk of exposure, and Neryn still has one Guardian to find in order to complete her training. I can't wait for the final book in the trilogy, and highly recommend this series!

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