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Universe: Journey Into Deep Space    by Mike Goldsmith & Mike Garlick order for
by Mike Goldsmith
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Venture far out into space in this picture book that delves into what we know and hope to learn in the future about our own solar system. Besides visiting familiar planets and moons, you'll also head farther into space to imagined, exotic worlds around distant stars.

The stars themselves are also the subject of investigations. The reader will learn about cold dust (the chilly rust-red soil of the empty deserts of Mars), the gas storms on Triton, Neptune's giant moon, and brown dwarfs (dead stars).

As you page through the book you'll move farther out in space and discover red giants, twin-star sunsets, death stars, and learn what might be at the very center of the Milky Way.

This would be an excellent book to introduce young readers to the wonders of space without smothering them in too much technical information. That can come later after you have piqued the youngster's interest and curiosity. You'll also find a foldout poster at the back of the book, of galactic scenes.

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