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The Kill Room: Lincoln Rhyme    by Jeffery Deaver order for
Kill Room
by Jeffery Deaver
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Jeffery Deaver's new Lincoln Rhyme thriller, The Kill Room, opens as anti-American Robert Moreno (a U.S. citizen) is interviewed at an isolated Caribbean resort by journalist Eduardo de la Rua, his security guard also present. Drug cartels are blamed after all three are slaughtered. Moreno represented a new order in Latin America, the Local Empowerment Movement, and formed alliances with extremist groups, though he also did a great deal of good.

In New York, Special Services Captain Bill Myers shows up with ADA Nance Laurel to ask Rhyme to investigate Moreno's murder - though it was in the Caribbean, Laurel plans to make a conspiracy case. She claims that the murder was ordered by a U.S. resident, Shreve Metzger, 'head of NIOS, the National Intelligence and Operations Service', based in Manhattan. Laurel believes the NIOS head went rogue, manipulating intelligence for his own agenda. NIOS claimed Moreno was planning the 'bombing of an oil company headquarters in Miami', but instead there was a peaceful protest.

Amelia dislikes the ADA immediately; she has a bad feeling about the case, but Rhyme finds it 'intriguing and challenging'. They take it on. Unfortunately, Metzger is soon aware of their involvement and initiates action against them. And the crime scene is in a different country, so forensic evidence is unavailable - when Lincoln decides to examine it up close and personal in the Bahamas, he barely survives the trip. Back home, Amelia's arthritis is worsening, affecting her ability to do her job and to protect herself - and others start to notice.

In addition to Lincoln's and Amelia's efforts (assisted as always by aide Thom, Rookie Ron Pulaski and Detective Lon Selitto), the story follows an assassin/gourmet chef, who calls himself Jacob Swann. He cleans up behind him in Nassau, and is then assigned to mop up in New York. But who is pulling his strings? We also meet the man who works in the Kill Room. As always in a convoluted Rhyme thriller, few can be trusted and nothing is what it seems on the surface. The author masterfully concludes the story with a series of twists on expected outcomes.

Jeffery Deaver not only gives readers an engrossing and convoluted thriller in The Kill Room but he takes on a very timely topic, drone strikes. He portrays a decision making process behind their use, their potential for collateral damage, and how they might be justified, while leaving readers to form their own conclusions. A Lincoln Rhyme thriller is always worth reading; don't miss this one.

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