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Frozen Solid    by James Tabor order for
Frozen Solid
by James Tabor
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Asked about his writing, author James Tabor says, 'My novels are about three things: realistic threats to the planet, plausible science, and extreme environments.'

From a supercave in Mexico in his last thriller, The Deep Zone, Tabor turns to the Antarctic in this latest story featuring CDC microbiologist Hallie Leland.

The South Pole's Amundsen Scott Research Station averages winter temperatures 100 degrees below zero and hurricane-force storms. After the death of a scientist at the station, Hallie is sent to complete the woman's research. When three more women mysteriously die, it becomes apparent something very strange is happening in this hostile environment.

The folks back in Washington who sent Hallie to the South Pole realize there is a frightening plot unfolding at the bottom of the world that not only endangers her life but will, if successful, also alter the course of history.

A group of dangerous scientists dubbed Triage is determined to release a virus that will save the world from the perils of overpopulation while greatly improving the existing stock.

As you read this chilling novel it won't be the frigid setting that sends tremors up your spine but rather the dark premise of this horrifying and engrossing story.

Heralded as the new Michael Crichton by some critics, James Tabor has already tackled a pandemic in Hallie Leland's first outing and now it is time to look at an intriguing situation involving depopulation and eugenics. Those who relish a good thriller with a scientific basis will find this a hard book to set aside.

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