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Outrageous October    by Barbara Levenson order for
Outrageous October
by Barbara Levenson
Order:  USA  Can
CreateSpace, 2013 (2013)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Fortunately, the latest Mary Magruder Katz mystery fell into my hands. A good day for me. The author, Barbara Levenson, has a marvelous dry sense of humor that appeals to me. She also puts a bit of humanity into the lawyer who stars in her series.

Mary Magruder Katz, a successful Miami lawyer, is really angry at her boyfriend, Carlos. Instead of accosting him about what she considers his bold-faced lie, she leaves town to spend cooling-down time at a friend's house in the wilds of Vermont. Planning to take a break from a busy lawyer's office, she and her German Shepherd Sam settle into the comforts of her friend's home in the woods.

Instead of chilling out, she finds herself involved in a murder or two. There's a suspicious tree-hugging neighbor, a kidnapping, and she has to fend off the attentions of a lawyer who asks her to do legal work for him. The leaves on the trees are turning their Fall colors and the views are spectacular. But there is more intrigue in this sleepy New England town, she feels, than in her Florida home town.

A wealthy Florida client needs her help and Mary does not really want to deal with the woman's histrionics. Amidst all the angst, Mary makes new friends and considers that Vermont is not too bad after all. If only it weren't so cold.

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