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A Textbook Case: a Lincoln Rhyme story    by Jeffery Deaver order for
Textbook Case
by Jeffery Deaver
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2013 (2013)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I try not to miss a Lincoln Rhyme mystery, so was glad to take in this short story while waiting for his new thriller, The Kill Room.

It opens on a brutal murder in the pit of an underground garage. Amelia Sachs is there as is a young officer, Marko, who was first on the scene. An admirer of Rhyme's work (after taking his course), Marko offers to help out.

It's a tough crime scene, every square inch 'obliterated, covered with trash. And painted, powdered, coated with liquids, dusted with dirt and powders.' The murder weapon? The victim's car. And it was a slow, agonizing death. Rhyme concludes that the unsub is brilliant - 'Too much evidence instead of too little.'

A second victim is almost burned alive, and trace evidence from that scene is also destroyed. How will Rhyme resolve this one? By the book! That leads to a connection between victims, which in turn leads to a third scene ... and the perp.

If you're one of the myriad of Lincoln Rhyme fans, A Textbook Case is not to be missed for a brief but very satisfactory immersion in his and Amelia's fascinating world.

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