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Matter Matters!: Super Science    by Tom Adams & Thomas Flintman order for
Matter Matters!
by Tom Adams
Order:  USA  Can
Templar, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

An engaging, lighthearted text complements the humorous, comic-book style illustrations and pop-up elements that make this book one that young readers seven years of age and older will want to read.

The format will whet the child's curiosity as he or she explores atoms, molecules, reactions, elements, radioactivity and other aspects of chemistry with interactive novelties and fun suggestions to experiment.

Some of the questions the author answers include 'Why do onions make us cry?', 'How do fireworks work?', and 'What is a nanotube?' Utilizing page after page of pull tabs, booklets and flaps, Tom Adams has created a fact packed guide that introduces the reader to chemistry and how it shapes the world that we live in.

A clever pull tab arrangement demonstrates how molecules change in different conditions. For example, in a solid state there are strong forces that hold them in place. Pull the tab and you'll discover that in liquids the molecules aren't as closely packed together. Pull it again and up pops the next tab that shows molecules in a gas state which are even farther apart and begin whizzing off anywhere they like.

An excellent way of introducing a youngster to some of the basic elements of chemistry, this is a book you'll want to use to get your son or daughter interested in science. A companion book, an introduction to physics called Feel the Force!, would be another selection to consider purchasing.

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