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Noir(ish)    by Evan Guilford-Blake order for
by Evan Guilford-Blake
Order:  USA  Can
Dutton, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Robert Grahame is a private investigator working in Los Angeles. It's June 1947 and a beautiful young woman walks into his office and wants to hire him. Lizabeth Duryea would like Grahame to find her brother, Dan Scott. She also gives him a small little package that needs to be protected.

Grahame finds her story a bit unbelievable, but money talks. Somehow it is connected to the murder of Bugsy Siegel and he needs to find the link. Grahame keeps running into complications starting with thugs who break into his office and rough him up, thinking that he murdered their boss and has stashed the evidence there.

Grahame enlists the help of LAPD's only woman detective, Lauren Stanwyck, to get to the truth behind the strange story Lizabeth told him. Somehow, everything is tied to the Bugsy Seigel murder and he needs to find the missing link. Grahame must confront his past and the ghosts that haunt him as he works to find the truth.

This story took me back in time and was like watching an old black and white TV show. You feel for PI Grahame, especially when things don't quite come together clearly. Though a bit confusing here and there, Noir(ish) is well written, and with an interesting twist.

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