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Illusionology: The Secret Science of Magic    by Albert Schafer & et al order for
by Albert Schafer
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This latest book in the popular 'ology series (illustrated by David Wyatt, Levi Pinfold and Tomislav Tomic) goes behind the scenes to investigate the secrets of illusionologists and the feats of legerdemain they perform.

Young readers will discover how Harry Houdini made his amazing escapes as well as how a human can be made to seemingly levitate. From the Egyptians to the present, the secrets of some of the world's greatest magicians are revealed.

Beside being a fascinating history of magic through the ages, this beautifully illustrated book will be an indispensible guide unveiling step-by-step instructions for more than twenty-five astounding feats. You'll discover how to perform the classic cups-and-ball illusion, make a dollar bill disappear and reappear, and do card tricks.

Along with detailed instructions, the book includes numerous flaps and booklets as well as actual props that will not only explain the tricks but also allow the youngster to actually dazzle his or her friends with them.

Although this is aimed at young readers eight years of age and older, I think many adults will find it a fascinating read. The fun actually begins when you take the book's cover and move it back and forth. You'll see the white rabbit transformed into something quite remarkable!

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