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Song of Saigon    by Anh Vu Sawyer & Pat Proctor order for
Song of Saigon
by Anh Vu Sawyer
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)

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*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Song of Saigon is the story of a young Vietnamese woman, Ahn Vu, and her family's discovery of, and relationship with, God. Ahn Vu's grandfather is an opium addict, who finds his way to redemption with the help of missionaries. He makes a miraculous turn around in his life, which of course also changes the direction of the lives of members of his family.

This is a true accounting of lives caught up in the horrors of war, and of how a firm, unshakable belief in a greater being led Ahn and her extended family to the United States. There she continues to practice what she was taught in childhood - a love of God and a strong belief in His understanding and advice. Her return to Vietnam after a twenty-four year absence must have taken a great deal of courage. We never know how any of us might act in a given situation. I'd like to believe I would rise to the occasion, as she did. But I wonder if I would have the strength or determination this young woman has.

The title of Song of Saigon is a little misleading, as little of the book's story takes place in Saigon. That small item does not diminish the story of a brave woman who lives as most of us would wish to - had we her strong conviction that God will provide, either with support and/or good advice.

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