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Maisy Goes on a Sleepover    by Lucy Cousins order for
Maisy Goes on a Sleepover
by Lucy Cousins
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This Maisy First Experiences Book shows Maisy going on her first sleepover. Tallulah invites the little white mouse to her house, but rather than going home after a few hours, Maisy will spend the whole night. This will be her first time spending the night away from home with non-family members.

First, Maisy must pack everything she'll need, like pajamas and a toothbrush, and she'll need to take a sleeping bag too. When she arrives at Tallulah's, Maisy discovers that another person, Ella, has also been invited. Although she's a tad shy at first, Maisy likes Ella very much.

After playing games, dancing, and having all sorts of fun, the three girls have a special sleepover supper of sandwiches, fruit and ice cream. Then they play some more, but soon it's time for bed.

Everyone changes into their PJs and Maisy reads a bedtime story. Then they talk for a while before lights out.

If your child has been invited to her first sleepover, this would be an ideal way of getting the youngster over any reluctance she may be showing about attending. After reading the story a few times, the child should be comfortable with the idea of being away from the family for a night.

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