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Harmless as Doves: An Amish Country Mystery    by P. L. Gaus order for
Harmless as Doves
by P. L. Gaus
Order:  USA  Can
Plume, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Bishop Shetler of Holmes County, Ohio is startled out of his morning contemplations by Crist Burkholder, telling him he just killed Glenn Spiegle!

Bishop Shetler is the head of the Amish community in Holmes County, Ohio and cannot believe one of his pacifist group would commit such a crime. They are to remain 'harmless as doves.' They are brought up to believe in peace and tranquility.

Crist is adamant that he killed Spiegle who was trying to buy Crist off so that he could marry Crist's fiancée. He claims he hit the man who fell to the floor and didn't get up again. No one believes that Crist would do such a thing. Even the sheriff doesn't believe Crist is responsible for the man's death.

This is a short but intriguing mystery – well worth the read. Also, if you don't live near an Amish community, you will be entranced by learning of their way of life. As well as their small hidden ways to become part of the modern world while keeping their identities as Amish.

Harmless as Doves by P. L. Gaus is the seventh in the Amish Country Mysteries. Gaus has lived near the world's largest and most varied Amish and Mennonite settlement near his home in Wooster, Ohio. He lectures widely about this remarkable Amish community. I also live near the Amish and respect their way of life.

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