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Daddies Do It Different    by Alan Lawrence Sitomer & Abby Carter order for
Daddies Do It Different
by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2012 (2012)

* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

In this humorous picture book the author has fun showing us how different mommies and daddies can be when it comes to dealing with a child.

'When Mommy feeds me breakfast, it's always really yummy. I sit nicely at the table, munch a piece of toast, and we talk about our plans for the day.'

With dignity and decorum the day begins with the narrator's mother at the helm but ...

'But daddies do it different. We make a fort with waffles, get syrup on the dog. And eat cereal straight out of the box!'

From getting dressed in the morning, food shopping, and an outing to the park to attending a birthday party and the evening bath, there are plenty of examples of how mommies and daddies differ in this book.

'In the kitchen, Mommy teaches me how to mix sauces. Daddy shows me how to juggle eggs.'

Of course, the illustrations provide reinforcement on these parental differences and are bound to bring a smile to the reader's face too. All in all, this is a fun book to read and to make it even more interesting, ask your child how the adults in the family differ. You might get some interesting answers!

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