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Assassin's Code: Joe Ledger Novel    by Jonathan Maberry order for
Assassin's Code
by Jonathan Maberry
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Joe and his team are back in action, racing against time to save the world yet again, this time from nuclear threat as well as the machinations of an ancient cult of supernatural assassins.

Maberry presents another of his trademark thrillers as he juggles dozens of characters and multiple plotlines that include everything from assorted traitors to smuggled nukes to an ancient tome that holds shattering knowledge, and of course, genetically altered sub-humans who believe it's finally their time to rule the Earth after centuries-long enslavement.

Echo Team leader Joe Ledger, as always, takes the forefront. While the rest of his team are ferrying rescued hostages out of Iran, he's temporarily trapped in the country and evading numerous threats as well as trying to figure out the motivations of an enigmatic assassin named Violin. Her uncanny timing and superior fighting skills save Joe's life more than once. She wins his admiration, but not his complete trust, and he soon discovers that her true loyalties may lie with the very creatures Joe and his team are trying to stop.

This is the fourth book in the Joe Ledger series and only the second I've had the opportunity to read. That left a few gaps in continuity but for the most part Maberry fills those in and deftly pulls previous plot threads together. And while the plot line may read like one that belongs in a comic book on steroids, Maberry's recurring characterizations are surprisingly three dimensional. This is especially true for Joe - his smart mouth and arrogance are a little hard to take sometimes. On the other hand he's dealing with a very dark past that often tries to drag him under - which balances out those traits.

Will Joe and the members of Echo Team be back for a fifth rip-snorting, action packed, totally over-the-top creature-feature as they're once again called upon to save the world? Stay tuned ...

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