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In Dreams
by Robert Logan
Order:  USA  Can
Peppertree Press, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, Softcover
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Jack Corbitt, a thirty year-old history teacher, doesn't feel he has much of a choice. Either accept that the fast-growing brain tumor he has will kill him or take a chance with a new treatment that, if successful, will cure him.

There are possibly very severe side effects with this new treatment. Could cause death or dire mental problems. We all know what he chooses. So would I. During this treatment, he is put to sleep and dreams of going back in time. He reverts back to 1971 when there were gruesome murders that have never been solved.

Back in real time, Jack realizes that murders occurring in the presnt are copycats of the ones in 1971. How could that be? Someone had to be cognizant of the details of the previous killings to be able to so closely replicate the modern ones.

During his treatments, Jack continues to travel back to 1971, and in so doing finds that he is changing history. Now he must undo what he has started.

While this is a great plot, I felt there was not enough tension or suspense to carry the story. None of what should have been climatic scenes achieved their purpose. In Dreams is a first novel by Robert Logan - this first-time author shows great promise but does need a rewrite to polish his work.

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