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Opposites: Go! Go! BoBo    by Simon Basher order for
by Simon Basher
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2012 (2012)

* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Sporting a bandaid on its large head, the simple, small figure who hosts this book springs into action as it presents some visual help in picturing various opposites.

For Big and Small you'll discover an elephant on one page while a group of little wind up mice scurry around the opposite page. Other word combinations include loud and quiet, fast and slow, dirty and clean, hot and cold, and light and dark.

Thanks to the use of bright colors coupled with sharp, graphic elements, each page of this board book not only appeals to the eye but it also forces the child to focus on the featured illustration that reinforces each opposite.

For example, BoBo bounces onto a sandy beach with palm trees (Hot!) before continuing on to a pile of snow that features a snowman (Cold!) He exchanges his sunglasses in one illustration for a scarf and cap in the next.

As you page through this attractive book not only can you work on opposites but try a little counting too. You'll notice that many of the pages feature numerous renderings of the same object. For example there are 12 little mice, eleven sports cars (Fast!), and two palm trees.

The Basher series of board books introduces toddlers to various shapes, time, colors and other basic concepts in a pleasing manner which explains why they have become so popular with parents and educators.

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