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Redemption Day
by Steve O’Brien
Order:  USA  Can
A & N Publishing, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

It's hard to put a label on Steve O’Brien’s novel Redemption Day. It's a thriller with barrels of suspense and action. It's a political warning about what is happening in Washington. It's a reminder of the 300,000 homegrown warriors who are training to take over the government. (True figure.) It may give you a nudge to finally find that desert island where you can take your family when the time comes.

Okay, on to the plot of Redemption Day. A Supreme Court Judge is kidnapped by a pseudo military group who wishes to bring their type of government to play in the U.S. capitol. Nick James was a terrorist analyst, was being the operative word here. He's been fired but is now needed to find and rescue the judge. Then, Nick, on his quest, is kidnapped himself. As is a woman working with him on the task force. A terrorist attack is being planned to happen on redemption day, a special day to the militant group calling themselves Posse Comitatus. The attack is not averted but you'll have to read the book for the thrilling outcome.

We read thet 'All of the historical statements and events attributed to the Posse Comitatus are true but with two exceptions.' This is a bone-chilling thought. Redemption Day tells us that what we thought about conditions in Washington are not rumor, but true. 'Idealism and belief drew them to DC like moths to an unrequited flame. Motivations were converted to expediency. Thirst for power consumed its victims. The sequence was uniform. Unwilling and resistant at first, to denial for some period of time, then, unapologetically changed. Few survived the siren's song of Washington, DC.'

The above paragraph describes newbies in DC who arrived to change the world. Instead the city changed them. Redemption Day is an extremely thought-provoking novel that should be read by us all. It's also a darn good read.

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