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Barnstorming    by Laura Crum order for
by Laura Crum
Order:  USA  Can
Perseverance Press, 2012 (2012)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Barnstorming is the twelfth in Laura Crum's series featuring equine veterinarian Gail McCarthy, who lives in the hills near California's Monterey Bay.

Gail retired when her son was born eleven years ago. Her husband Blue has come into some money and is also living the life of a retiree, gardening, learning to play the bagpipes, and helping to home school their son Mac.

Gail still has three horses and loves to spend time roaming the trails around her home. While on one of her solitary treks, she comes across the dead body of a woman she had just talked to on the trail, her horse loose and wandering. Of course, the local authorities are called and Gail relates her story. Then, another day, another horse, another body. And guess who finds her? Got it? Gail!

I have read most of this series and always enjoyed them. This one leaves me feeling that something is missing. There seem to be more descriptions of the countryside and the flora and fauna than coverage of the excitement of two murders. I would have liked a little more action. Although I have to admit that I did enjoy the peacefulness Gail experienced on her rambles - that is until murder was done.

The culprit was totally unexpected but just didn't seem to matter. Still in all, Barnstorming was an enjoyable book.

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