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The Third Coincidence    by David Bishop order for
Third Coincidence
by David Bishop
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2012 (2012)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Jack McCall, a veteran of the CIA and Defense Intelligence, is called upon to head a task force to discover who caused the deaths of two United States Supreme Court Justices and one Federal Reserve Board Governor.

This is a deadly serious assignment and must be conducted in the utmost of secrecy. At the same time that McCall is gathering his forces, we the readers are in contact with the killer and know his thoughts and the reasoning behind his deadly spree.

As if it weren't bad enough to lose key members of the government, it is equally hard to obtain replacements - who feel they would also be fair game for whoever is picking off these important targets. The president is accused of not being on top of the situation and of trying to form his very own secret police.

While plans are being made to capture those responsible, more key figures are eliminated. Progress in the investigation is not being made public as that would alert the killer or killers (could it be an organized group?)

I started this novel expecting just another spy thriller. Not so. This is a well-plotted story that will keep you on the edge of your chair until the last page is turned - and maybe keep your bedside light on all night, as well as bringing up the thought that this scenario could very easily be real. Frightening, isn't it? The Third Coincidence is very good reading and well worth the time.

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