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Hop, Skip, and Jump, Maisy!: A Maisy First Science Book    by Lucy Cousins order for
Hop, Skip, and Jump, Maisy!
by Lucy Cousins
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Appropriate for children between the ages of two and five, this colorful pull the tab novelty book show Maisy engaged in a number of healthy activities. Utilizing the tabs found on each two page spread, the toddler can make the little white mouse do toe touches when she gets up and then jumping jacks outdoors.

Later, the youngster can help Maisy kick a soccer ball, jump rope and do a few somersaults. Then it is time for a nice, fresh glass of orange juice. Pull the tab and you'll see Maisy suck her glass empty with the straw placed in it.

Finally, it is time for bed. You'll find a very tired Maisy and her cat Panda fast asleep. Turn the wheel at the bottom of the bed and you'll make Maisy snore and her blanket move up and down!

Along with the interactive part of the book you'll also discover a series of questions such as 'Who else can stretch?' and 'Who else can jump?' You'll find pictures of animals like a grasshopper, kangaroo and cat beneath each question plus, perhaps, you can think of other possible answers.

After you've read this book with your child a good follow up activity would be to actually try some of the exercises and activities Maisy engages in. Let Maisy model healthy activities for your child and then follow through yourself with a little jumping, hopping and skipping!

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