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Pooh's Honey Trouble    by Sara F. Miller & Disney Storybook Artists order for
Pooh's Honey Trouble
by Sara F. Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Disney, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Poor Pooh! When he awakened this morning he had 'a rumbly in his tumbly'. Translated, that means the little bear was hungry, but, unfortunately, his honeypots were all empty.

What's a hungry bear to do? Why, he visits his friends, of course, in hopes of finding something to eat. First, Pooh stops by to see Piglet and helps him pick haycorns. Then he visits Eeyore who has lost his tail again. Unfortunately, Pooh isn't offered anything to eat.

Next he meets Tigger as he bounces his way through the forest. No help there! But when Pooh comes across Rabbit he finally is offered a snack. A carrot! But, Pooh doesn't really like carrots so he passes on the kind offer.

It isn't until a very hungry Pooh meets Christopher Robin that the problem is solved. Christopher lets the little bear use his blue balloon to float up into a tree where there's lots of delicious honey. 'And, at last, Pooh's tummy wasn't rumbly anymore'.

As youngsters three and older follow Winnie the Pooh's adventure in this board book they'll find special surfaces to touch and feel. Besides Pooh's fuzzy, golden tummy, Eeyore's gray, soft coat, and the rough bark on the tree where Piglet's haycorns hang from, there's Rabbit's bumpy garden patch and Christopher's smooth blue balloon.

But, best of all, you'll discover that behind a white, square piece of paper, up in a tree, is the sticky honey that poor Pooh as been looking for throughout this story.

Children love the adventures of this cuddly little bear and his friends. The tactile appeal of this book make the story all the better and one your preschooler will want to have read to him or her again and again.

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