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Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?    by Joy Feldman, Beth Slocum & Amanda Mueller order for
Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?
by Joy Feldman
Order:  USA  Can
JHF Nutritional Consulting, 2012 (2012)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

From the day they were born, Matt and Maddie Blossom have been betwixt and between; their friends get to eat treats including candy, cookies, potato chips, and 'ooey gooey' donuts; while they eat only nutritional foods. As much as they beg Mom to let them eat donuts, she doesn't give in.

Then one day, Mom allows Matt and Maddie to enter a section of the supermarket she calls The Wasteland. Yea! They are permitted to choose previously forbidden delicacies for a 'sugar-fueled feeding frenzy'. Their excitement builds during the car ride home.

Their campaign apparently won after rants of 'I WANT DONUTS! ... I want to eat cool stuff like chocolate cake and candy bars. Warm, super huge chocolate chip cookies ... and fruity flavored, sour tasting chewing gum that can blow bubbles as big as a Halloween pumpkin… and DONUTS!' No more eating only 'vegetables, fruit, chicken, and eggs', even after Mom has explained that these healthy foods make you stronger and smarter, while 'your bodies are under major construction'.

Mom challenges her children to 'an experiment ... Eat all the junk food you have.' Matt builds a tower of donuts and cookies, topping the pile with a cherry. Maddie places her donuts in a row according to size and her eyes grow larger just looking at the 'sugary delights'. Off they go to devour each and every crumb and morsel.

Both Matt and Maddie discover what their junk food splurge leads to - a stomach ache, but they won't tell Mom, because then they won't be allowed more treats. While they wonder what to pick the next time, they prepare for bedtime, with growling stomachs, Matt burping 'like a foghorn'. Mom never lets on as she kisses them good night and 'sweet dreams'.

And that is just what Matt and Maddie have - sweet dreams of ooey gooey foods on their heads, specifically donuts with jelly oozing down their faces. Maddie is impressed with all the sparkly sprinkles, and their dreams get bigger as their stomachs continue to hurt, big time!

Nutrition expert Feldman is also the author of the award-winning Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health. Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? is a delicious oversize book, glorious with colors and expressive faces rendered by artists Beth Slocum and Amanda Mueller. In conjunction with National Nutrition Month in March, the author will be on tour in support of eating healthy. For the occasion, she will be wearing a 'colorful, custom-made donut hat'.

I am delighted with the book. The script and artistic renditions are fantabulous and sure to keep the attention and promote the message of why eating healthy is in sync with good nutrition. Also Feldman's book is ooey gooey entertainment and fun to read, with a few recipes included.

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