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Itsy Mitsy Runs Away
by Elanna Allen
Order:  USA  Can
Atheneum, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Dressed in her cute, green PJs with the furry hood and red swimmer's goggles on her head, little Itsy Mitsy is running away from home. Why? Because 'she's a little girl who really, really, for real (I'm not even joking) doesn't like bedtime!'

'No more bedtime. I'm done,' she tells her father. Rather than dissuade her, Itsy Mitsy's dad makes a series of suggestions of things she should take with her.

She'll need to pack her favorite toy (Mister Roar, a dinosaur), a few snacks in case Mr. Roar gets hungry, and also it might be a good idea to include Puptart. He's Itsy Mitsy's stuffed dog and he'll be able to keep any beasties away.

Needless to say, the list gets bigger and bigger as dad keeps suggesting things his little girl will need. Eventually she's virtually packed up everything, including the house itself and loaded it all on her wagon.

Then the youngster's parent tosses out the final zinger. 'Have a nice trip dear! And don't forget to mow the lawn!'

'LITTLE GIRLS DON'T MOW LAWNS. GROWN UPS DO!', is the child's rejoinder. Well, obviously Itsy Mitsy is going to have to take her father along too!

Oh goodness, by the time we reach this point we have one very exhausted and tired child. 'SNORE. Good thing Dad was there to tuck her in.'

If you have, or know of, a little one who hates going to bed, this would be an ideal read aloud story to get the child in the mood for lights out. In fact, you might also be totally exhausted by the time you get to the final page of this picture book!

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