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Big Turtle    by David McLimans order for
Big Turtle
by David McLimans
Order:  USA  Can
Walker, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'Big Turtle is a Huron American creation myth,' explains David McLimans. 'People in many parts of the world have creation myths. The stories and characters vary from culture to culture, but they all explain how people came to live on Earth, and celebrate their vital, holistic, and sacred relationship with nature.'

In this instance the world is divided into two parts. There's the realm of the animals called the Water World and the area where humans live called the Sky World. The inhabitants from one world never crossed into the other's realm until one day Sky Girl plummeted into the Water World.

Although she landed on the back of a swan, Sky Girl was unable to return to her home. At this point Big Turtle intervened and suggested that the animals build a new home for the girl on his large shell. With the help of a muskrat, beaver and otter that swam down into the depths of the sea to bring up earth to create the new world, soon Sky Girl's new home was finished.

'It grew into the world we know today. And the descendants of Sky Girl became the Earth's First People. To this day, Big Turtle carries the Earth on his back. When he gets tired and needs to stretch or change position, we feel the earth quake.'

Not only is this a lovely story for youngsters four years of age and older, but McLimans' colorful illustrations also evoke the images of native art and make this a very special literary adventure. Not only will children love this book but anyone who collects native folklore will also find it of interest.

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