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Agent X: Bricklayer #2    by Noah Boyd order for
Agent X
by Noah Boyd
Order:  USA  Can
Harper, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This spy thriller offers a mild twist on the usual story of hidden agents and moles hidden deep in governmental agencies. A Russian officer, who is known as Calculus and is attached to the Washington embassy, offers the FBI sensitive information on Americans who are selling confidential information. Before a deal can be struck and the names provided, Calculus is recalled to Moscow.

Now it is up Kate Bannnon, Assistant Director of the FBI, to figure out who the individuals on the list might be before the Russians begin eliminating them. Kate turns to former agent Steve Vail to try to find the American turncoats before their handlers seal their mouths forever.

The second book in the Bricklayer series, Agent X has received mixed reviews. Some readers aren't as enamored with this novel as they were with its predecessor while others aren't quite as critical.

If Steve Vail, alias the Bricklayer, is to have staying power, Noah Boyd is going to have do more to separate his character from the competition. This might be accomplished by creating plots that are a little more creative.

Near the novel's end Vail observes that, 'All brick walls look the same, As long as they're level and straight, they look like every other wall in the world. No creativity, no individuality ...'

Exactly! Now that he's defined the problem so succinctly Vail's creator must make sure he varies the pattern!

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