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Gibbus Moony Wants to Bite You!    by Leslie Muir & Jen Corace order for
Gibbus Moony Wants to Bite You!
by Leslie Muir
Order:  USA  Can
Atheneum, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Gibbus Moony and I am a vampire. Now don't be scared! I come from a long line of fruit suckers which makes me, as my dad explained, a nectarian. That's not as threatening as those other vampire relatives on a branch of our family tree.

In this picture book you'll follow what happens when my fangs drop down and I get a little puckish. In other words I find a need to sink my fangtabulous new teeth into something!

First I try a stuffed toy gargoyle, but it gets all soggy. Yuck! Next, I chomp on the family photo album and then I gnaw on a violin, but I pop its strings. None of these things really satisfies my cravings.

I decide to change my approach. I creep up to my napping grandpa and nibble his ear. 'Oooo ... that tickles,' he laughs. Then I spy the gardener and say, 'Prepare! I'm Gibbus Moony and I'm going to bite you!'

'Scram, mosquito,' is his response. No one is taking me very seriously. Then I meet Moe and his little sister Mandibles, who is teething. Moe explains to me that biting is for babies like Mandy.

Now at this point the story gets even more interesting because I find some apples which I share with my new friend. We both sink our teeth (or fangs, whatever the case may be) into the fruit and Moe thinks it is was 'totally toothsome'. That means delicious, in case you don't know.

And, guess what? My quest for something to bite is over! My encounter with Moe shows me that biting is baby stuff. Now I am into big vampire stuff like blood-orange juice and pineapple upside-down cake! Now how fangtastic is that?

If you are four years of age or older you'll love my picture book. It has cool pictures, it is perfect for pre-Halloween reading, and it will give you a completely different view of vampires!

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