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One Voice Too Many
by Paul Martin Midden
Order:  USA  Can
Authorhouse, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The concept of One Voice Too Many is a sound one - the slow and long drawn out story of a man gradually descending into madness. Surely not an uplifting tale, but not every story to be told is.

Jeremy Walker, single but with two ex-wives in the background, contemplates a third marriage although he sometimes hears a voice when no one is near him.

While reading this book, I wanted to scream at him to get help. He considers this option and drops the idea. He harbors an, at times, overpowering rage that totally consumes him and he is as frightened by this as are those with whom he's in contact at the time.

Still, he doesn't seek help. This novel takes 428 pages to relate the history of a poor soul who was damaged by an overbearing father. Could have been more intense if the story were told in a more concise form. Another edit would have helped also to correct the mistakes in the prose.

I liked the premise. And I felt compassion Jeremy, poor man. The character profile was right on the money. Macy, his present wife, was a caring and loving individual. And Taylor a typical teenager. Great characters. Just took too long to tell a tragic story. Midden is the author of two previous books Absolution and Toxin.

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