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Sunrise of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan and Isolde    by Anna Elliot order for
Sunrise of Avalon
by Anna Elliot
Order:  USA  Can
Touchstone, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Elizabeth Crowley

Sunrise of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan and Isolde is the final installment in Anna Elliot's Twilight of Avalon trilogy. In the final novel, Isolde and Trystan have professed their love for each other and have spoken marriage vows. But Isolde and Trystan's love must once again face a dangerous challenge. The future of Britain is threatened by the ruthless Saxon Octa of Kent. In the midst of chaos, Isolde must once again come to terms with losing Trystan to war as he searches for Octa in order to save the future of Britain. But Isolde must keep a secret from Trystan: she is carrying his child. In order to allow Trystan to fight for Britain, she must keep her pregnancy a secret while hoping that one day she will be reunited with the father of her child.

While Trystan disappears in the hopes of capturing Octa, Isolde is tormented by visions of war and blood. But one particular vision haunts Isolde: a vision in which she receives news that he has been fatally wounded. Isolde knows the man mentioned in her vision must be Trystan and is determined to find him before her vision becomes reality. Isolde has a chance to find Trystan and to help one of Britain's kings when the son of King Madoc is abducted by Octa. Isolde plays a dangerous game in order to bring King Madocs's son home.

Isolde and Trystan's struggle will be long and dangerous. Octa has allied himself with Trystan's father, Lord Marche. But neither Isolde nor Trystan will rest until Octa and Marche are defeated. When Trystan discovers that the alliance between Marche and Octa is not solid, a plan begins to form. But Trystan's risky plan could cost him Isolde's love forever. Isolde senses that Trystan is keeping a painful secret about his life with Marche, but even Trystan's closest friends know nothing about his consuming hatred for his father. Isolde's journey to save Trystan will lead her to the secret Trystan has been hiding for years.

I really enjoyed Isolde's visions of Trystan and the war between Britain's kings. Elliot did an excellent job of transitioning between visions and reality. Despite being separated throughout most of the novel, Isolde and Trystan connect through Isolde's powerful visions. Although some parts of the story were excellent, the author failed to capture the language and atmosphere of sixth-century Britain. The dialogue in the novel seemed inappropriately modern. I did enjoy Trystan's war against his father and the secrets that were revealed about Trystan's mysterious past. However, the language seemed awkward and out of place.

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