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Square Cat    by Elizabeth Schoonmaker order for
Square Cat
by Elizabeth Schoonmaker
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Eula is a square cat. I don't mean she's not hip or cool. I mean she is actually square rather than rounded and curvy like regular cats. Being a square cat presents all sorts of problems. Eula can't get her square paw into mouse holes. She can't wear her favorite circle skirt.

Poor Eula was so unhappy being square that she actually lost her purr. Patsy and Maude, Eula's two best feline friends, tried to make her feel better by giving her hoop earrings and a beehive hat. They even painted her cheeks red with rouge.

Eula felt better for a short while because she began to feel round. But then she tipped over and for a square cat that was not a good thing! Then Patsy and Maude came up with a really clever way of making their friend feel better.

Exactly what they did to make this square cat fit into a round world is explained in the last part of this humorous picture book that goes to prove that one size or shape doesn't necessarily fit all!

Children four years of age and older will have fun reading about this poor, square kitty. This might also be an excellent picture book to use to launch a discussion about how people might feel who appear to be a little different. You can also discuss ways of making these individuals feel more comfortable and what can be done to make them fit in.

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