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Tell Me the Day Backwards    by Albert Lamb & David McPhail order for
Tell Me the Day Backwards
by Albert Lamb
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

When my mama tucks me in at night we play Tell Me the Day Backwards. The way the game works is I go back over the day and tell her all the things that happened. It's really a neat game.

In this picture book I begin with brushing my teeth after I put my pajamas on. 'Yes, that's right,' my mama says. 'That was after we watched the sunset from the top of the hill. And do you remember what happened before that?'

I sure do! We had a picnic dinner and before that I lay on top of a big rock in the sun. And before that my daddy had to pull me out of a deep pool in the river because I had jumped in it and nearly drowned.

Why did I do that? Because before that some bees were flying after me. They were chasing me because I took some honey out of their hive in an old stump.

Well, my mama and I played this game right back to the long nap we took during the winter because we had just awakened that day. She then said that 'Tonight we'll only sleep for just one night'. Then I said, 'Good night,' and closed my eyes.

This is a fun remembering game and after you read my picture book and look at the pretty pictures maybe you'll want to try to play the Tell Me the Day Backwards game with your mama or daddy.

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