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Where Is Strawberry Moshi?: MoshiMoshiKawaii    by Mid Wave order for
Where Is Strawberry Moshi?
by Mid Wave
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

You might call this activity book a Where's Waldo? for the younger set. Very popular in Japan where it was created, this search-and-find book will hone the observation skills of any child or adult who helps a youngster locate the little white bunny characters called Moshi.

Open the book and you'll meet Strawberry Moshi and all her friends. How do you tell them apart since they look very similar? You'll have to pay close attention to what they are wearing.

In this large edition picture book, Strawberry Moshi is looking for her sweetheart, Super Moshi. Finding him is not going to be easy since there are so many little critters wearing all sorts of costumes.

There's a lot happening on each page of this book. Each page features a number of questions that the reader can only answer by carefully scrutinizing the picture.

Besides finding the two central characters, the reader will also be asked to find other Moshis. For example, at the Moonlight Mountain Festival you'll be asked to locate Hedgehog Moshi, Panda Moshi and Giraffe Moshi.

This may seem simple but once you see the pictures and how small the Moshi are, you'll discover it is a challenging task.

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