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The Tooth Fairy Loses a Tooth!    by Steve Metzger & Ailie Busby order for
Tooth Fairy Loses a Tooth!
by Steve Metzger
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

I think you must have heard of me. I'm the Tooth Fairy. When you lose a tooth and place it under your pillow, I'm the person who takes the tooth and leaves a special surprise for you.

In this little book I share what happened to me when I lost a baby tooth. One day I was chewing on a bagel and out popped one of my front teeth. How cool was that? So I placed it under my pillow and made a wish. But then I realized, I am the Tooth Fairy. Who, if anyone, will grant that wish?

Well, let me tell you I was not a very happy camper! When I flew off that evening to take care of the children all over the world who had lost a tooth that day, I grumbled to myself, 'It's just not fair! I travel every night to the homes of children while they are sleeping tight. If someone would leave a gift for me, I'd be really glad! But no one will remember me and that just makes me sad.'

When my work as done I flew home feeling really down. But, when I walked back into my room there was a surprise awaiting me. If you want to know what it was and how it got there, you'll have to read my book.

Also, be very careful because my book comes with two sheets of stickers you can play with BUT KEEP THEM OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! If you try to see how they taste (not a good idea!) and you swallow them, you'll choke, so BE CAREFUL!

Actually, if you are under four years of age, your mom or dad could detach the two pages of stickers and save them so you can play with them when you are older. I think that would be the safest thing to do!

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