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Now You See Her
by Joy Fielding
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Doubleday Canada, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Fifty year old Marcy Taggart is on a bus tour of Ireland. The trip was supposed to be taken with her husband Peter as a celebration of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Peter left her for another woman, so Marcy decided to get away on her own. Their marriage started to fall apart after the death of their daughter Devon, two years before. Marcy could not accept her daughter's death because her body was never recovered from the cold water of Georgian Bay. The police believed it to be a suicide, and Marcy has been devastated since that fateful day.

In the market area of Cork, while the tour bus has stopped, Marcy goes into a pub for something to eat. She looks up to see Devon looking in the window. She is so shocked she cannot react fast enough and her daughter disappears into the city. This incident changes Marcy's trip from sightseeing to an all out search for Devon. She will not return to the States until Devon is found, and she can make amends for the argument they had the last time they were together.

When Marcy was a child her own mother committed suicide, and she often wonders if there was a gene relating to it that was passed down in the family. Now that she has spotted Devon, she walks the streets of Cork, showing her picture to people and asking if they have seen her. She meets a gentleman from the tour bus who offers his help in the search and Marcy spends a few lonely nights with him trying to make sense of the situation. People come forward and tell Marcy they have seen Devon and she puts all her faith and trust in total strangers. A young bartender from the market pub seems very sincere and offers his help also.

Marcy begins to lose touch with reality, breaking down from the stress and anguish she is feeling. She begins to harass people and eventually becomes involved with the local police. Without her knowledge, Marcy is drawn into a kidnapping scheme and her breaking point accelerates.

Now You See Her is a fast paced psychological drama, filled with despair. As the loose ends are woven together it is brought to a shocking conclusion.

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