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Quick, Slow, Mango!    by Anik McGrory order for
Quick, Slow, Mango!
by Anik McGrory
Order:  USA  Can
Bloomsbury, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Kidogo, a baby elephant, and Pole Pole, a mischievous monkey, are opposites, but in this story their contrary personalities complement one another.

The little elephant's mother is always telling him to 'hurry, hurry' because he likes to dawdle behind and smell the flowers, look at insects, and play with sticks. As a result, Kidogo often misses his breakfast or he doesn't get enough water to drink when the herd stops at the river.

On the other hand, Pole Pole's mother is continually telling him to slow down. When the monkey finds a tree filled with ripe, delicious mangoes, he rushes up into the branches and, without thinking, begins to toss them down. The mangoes fall like rain but, alas, not onto the jungle floor but rather into a stream where they float away.

Since he is still thirsty because he isn't able to drink his fill, Kidogo returns to the stream and, while playing in the water, he is surprised to see the beautiful mangoes floating by. The clever elephant devises a way to capture some of the fruit as it floats past and when Pole Pole arrives on the scene, he helps out too.

This cute story will appeal to preschoolers who will not only enjoy the illustrations of the two main characters but will also, hopefully, be able to grasp the consequences of sometimes doing something too fast or too slow!

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