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Ghost in Trouble
by Carolyn Hart
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Unfortunately Bailey Ruth Raeburn passed over. Fortunately for her, Bailey Ruth Raeburn became a Heavenly Sleuth. Which couldn't have worked out better than if she had planned it herself. She joined Heaven's Department of Good Intentions. And started a new ... 'um ... life of happy sleuthing.

Indulging herself in the latest fashions, Bailey Ruth is dispatched by Wiggins, the heavenly ghost in charge at the Department of Good Intentions. Wiggins sends Bailey Ruth back to her hometown to rescue an old enemy of Bailey's from certain death. She is never to reveal herself, but Bailey finds this one of the precepts of the Department that is hard to follow.

What ensues is as much fun as, (oh, I don't know) as it's possible to have while never leaving your house. Bailey Ruth saves a life. But then, of course, she gets caught up in the mystery, realizes there are more hazards out there facing her charge, and bubbles on.

Ghost in Trouble is the third in the Bailey Ruth series by prolific, award-winning writer Carolyn Hart. Both her Death on Demand and Henrie O series are true winners. This Bailey Ruth series is sure to take its place beside the other two.

Ghost in Trouble is a fun book, starring the most delightful ghost you are ever likely to meet. She's smart, too.

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