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End the Fed
by Ron Paul
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Grand Central, 2010 (2009)
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*   Reviewed by Bob Walch

A physician and eleven term congressman from Texas, Ron Paul has been a one-trick pony for decades. For years he has attacked the Federal Reserve and whether the central bank is constitutional and serves any interest other than serving those in high places in the financial community.

As chairman of the FREE Foundation, honorary chairman of the Campaign for Liberty and distinguished counselor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute, this Texan's political proclivities don't need much explaining.

Paul's unsuccessful 2008 run for president gave him a national platform from which to broadcast his End the Fed movement. His lack of success speaks volumes on what most people think of the hobby-horse he has ridden for so long.

If anyone is interested in Paul's views on why the Federal Reserve should be abolished and the United States return to the gold standard, then this book might be of interest.

'While a gold standard would be a wonderful change, we shouldn't wait for one before we end the Fed', writes Paul. 'The dollar has a preeminent role in the world economy. It benefits from its long history as hard money. This will not change in a post-Fed world. The dollar could continue on as it is today, and its value would start to rise once markets were convinced that the money supply would be fixed.'

A look at the status of the dollar today would seem to challenge the assumptions Paul makes here. Although at times he does seem to make some sense, so many of his other observations are off center or so out of line with reality, that it becomes difficult to really give this book and its author much credence.

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