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Story World: Create a Story Kit    by John Matthews & Caitlin Matthews order for
Story World
by John Matthews
Order:  USA  Can
Templar, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

An ingenious tool kit for the imagination, this innovative set of cards is designed to inspire storytellers of all ages. The forty cards here suggest a whole range of characters, settings, and objects that can be fashioned into a story.

Select a handful of cards and use the pictures on the front and the questions on the back to create any type of tale you'd like. The Storytelling Book is part of the kit and contains tips for starting your stories. It also suggests games you can play with the cards, plus includes an actual sample story so you can see how to use the cards.

Selecting a single card from the stack, I picked The Grandmother card. On the back, the card reads: The Grandmother A Keeper of Memory. The three questions are: What is she thinking about as she sits in her chair? For whom is she sewing the heart? What secret family story can she tell?

Inspecting the picture on the card's front there are many other questions the illustration could elicit, such as who plays the musical instrument in the background? Or, why is there a deck of cards on the floor by her chair?

After creating a list of questions, try fashioning the answers into some type of story. The more active your imagination, the more interesting the story!

Not only is this an ideal family activity that encourages reading and the use of one's imagination, but teachers will also find it very useful. The kit comes in a sturdy box and the cards will wipe clean if they become soiled by sticky fingers.

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