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The Thyssen Affair    by Mozelle Richardson order for
Thyssen Affair
by Mozelle Richardson
Order:  USA  Can
Mountain West, 2009 (2009)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Canyon Eliot, a Colorado rancher and ex-OSS World War II agent, is given the mission to find the skull of a German POW who was buried in Colorado. The soldier's grave was dug up and his skull stolen!

What ensues is a quest to find the skull and deliver it to the proper people as soon as possible. This chase takes Cane halfway around the globe, endangers his life more than once, and gets him involved with the KGB, the CIA, and the Israeli Mossad. He is beaten, shot at, and sucker punched.

He is a brave man who feels that what he is doing will be of benefit to his country. But he would rather be back on his ranch tending his cattle. He does, however, find a woman he could love. Unfortunately, she is Russian and after the same skull that he seeks.

Mozelle Richardson is the author of six other novels. I got the impression though that The Thyssen Affair was a first novel. A lot of action occurs but little of it is shown. Mostly just told. I never felt I really knew the characters. The plot is a good and unusual one. I am sure this book is meant to be a thriller. But I never felt the sense of urgency and dread that a thriller usually engenders in my heart.

However, it is an interesting read. Richardson seems to know well the countries that Cane travels through.

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