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Havana Harvest
by Robert Landori
Order:  USA  Can
Emerald, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Whoa! Say it isn't true. Well, at least the premise of Havana Harvest is true, as the novel is based in part on a true story. But if only a small part of this thriller by Robert Landori is real, it's frightening. Two adversarial intelligence services attempt to inflict maximum damage on each other. CIA operative Robert Landsale is to discover why a captain in Fidel's army has arrived in Miami with a suitcase of money. The captain seeks protection from a Columbian drug cartel as well as the Cuban police.

What ensues is a string of murders, mayhem, double dealing, and intrigue. Havana Harvest reads, in a way, as a typical spy thriller. Good writing. Good plot. Exciting and brave characters. But to think, as this sinks into our minds, that some of the storyline was true! Actual! Fact! This beggars belief. We prefer to live in our tight little world and think that nothing like this scenario is really happening. And are truly shocked when a headline flashes before our eyes with just this story - and it's real.

Take for example, recent headlines of the capture of ten Russian spies who have been operating in the U.S. for ten years or more! Could have been one of your neighbors. We never really know what awaits us tomorrow.

The author knows of what he writes. He lived the life of a businessman in the Cayman Islands. However, he also lived a life of intrigue and mystery, traveling throughout South America and the Caribbean, coming in contact with members of several countries' intelligence communities. He also had a relationship with Fidel Castro that ended with his spending two months of solitary confinement on charges of espionage. He now lives a quieter life in Montreal, Canada. Havana Harvest is a winner. Don't miss it.

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